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Unlucky Stuntman started out with Casey (drums) and Patrick (guitar, vocals), two young chaps ready to knock the socks off people.  They soon recruited Jeff (guitar, vocals).  Unlucky Stuntman went through a slew a bassists before coming upon Jared (bass, vocals) to complete the line up.  With Unlucky Stuntman intacted they generated their own brand punk rock, ready to blow the socks clean off peoples feet!!!

Unlucky Stuntman Is:
Jared Bird - Bass, Vocals
Patrick Freeman - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Newcomb - Guitar, Vocals
Casey Burge - Drums



Jared Bird:
Jared uses a Crate 100Watt amp with an Ibanez 300SRDX bass for that punchy bass driven sound.

Casey Burge:
Casey plays some killer TAMA drums with an assortment of Zildjain symbols.  COOL!!!

Jeff Newcomb:
Jeff uses a Peavey 75Watt amp through an SG (OH MY!!!!!) for that tubular sound!

Patrick Freeman:
Patrick uses an Epiphone Les Paul guitar through a 400Watt Berhenger cab with a Fender Frontman 25r amp for a head. How neat!