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Story of the Demise


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As many of you have figured out with your witts, Unlucky Stuntman was ofcourse a stunt devil.  He was the best in the business.  On the fateful day of Unlucky Stuntman's death, he was busy at work, earning a living to provide for his family; wife Elisabeth, son Little Johnny, and daughter Jill.  He had been hired for a stunt he knew was quite difficult, even for himself.  He would have to lie in the middle of a street during an extremly dangerous car chase.  He was afraid, but knew if he didn't get paid, little Johnny would be a hungry young chap, a frightning thing indeed.  On that fateful day, he suited up and headed to the set.  He layed in place and waited for the vehicles to venture near.  When they approached he layed still in the road.  He knew they were supposed to swerve and miss him just at the last second.  He felt confident and asure in the drivers' capabilities.  But wouldn't you know it, those buggers didnt slow down or swerve, they just ran right over poor little Unlucky Stuntman.  He was rushed to the emergency room, but there was nothing the doctors could do.  His limbs were badly severed and his head was missing.  Little Johnny and the rest of the family were devistated and didn't know what to do.  And because of Unlucky Stuntman's death, we, Unlucky Stuntman, are no more.
The End